Monday, December 20, 2010

Ruben Alcantara

The name Ruben Alcantara is legendary in the BMX world.  He's always been innovative and original with his riding, and is a modest and all around good person.  He's had some bad back problems for the last five years that were being misdiagnosed  and have kept him off his bike for most of that time.  This video explains how his symptoms were finally diagnosed and he expresses in his own honest way how it feels to be able to do what he loves again - ride his bike.

The second part of the video also includes some of the riding style that originally gained him so much popularity in the BMX community.  Ruben is BMX.  Watching him ride again in this video is really inspiring.  No tricks or grinds.  Just flowing around fast with style.  Nothing feels the same.

Catching up with Ruben from joe rich on Vimeo.